About The Collection

Kelly Kilgore at Goodnight Trail Gallery in Mancos, Colorado

Kelly Kilgore and a portion of her collection, on display at Kilgore American Indian Art in Mancos, Colorado

Kilgore American Indian Art is a world class collection of rare and antique American Indian art and Native American history. As a gallery owner and appraiser for Heard Museum for over 25 years, Kelly Kilgore’s amazing collection puts Mancos, Colorado on the map for museum quality American Indian art. Her must-see collection includes Navajo rugs and weavings, antique and vintage American Indian baskets, vintage Native American jewelry, fine and rare American Indian pottery, vintage kachina dolls, paintings, Native American beadwork, and miscellaneous American Indian rarities.



Kilgore American Indian Art at Goodnight Trail Gallery, in Mancos, CO

Kilgore American Indian Art available at Kelly Kilgore’s gallery in Mancos, CO.

Kelly Kilgore’s exquisite collection of antique and vintage American Indian art can be viewed at Kilgore American Indian Art located at 100 W. Grand Avenue in Mancos, Colorado, just about a half hour’s drive from Durango, and 16 miles from Cortez.

If you are interested in seeing the Kilgore collection, or if you’re passing through the Four Corners area, don’t miss the opportunity to view this stunning collection of rare and antique American Indian Art, and experience an exclusive chance to touch the stories and rich history of these American Indian tribes and cultures.

Kelly Kilgore also offers American Indian art appraisal. Click here to learn more about American Indian art appraisal services offered by Kelly Kilgore.